Exercise after 50

FEAR a truly crippling emotion of anxiety and fear.  I signed up a vlogging class out of curiosity.  I knew it involved writing and I love to write but wouldn’t you know it, I have been stuck for the past two weeks on exactly what to vlog about.   I finally prayed and asked God for guidance and boldness.  I am on the other side of 50 and have always worked out, but with the weather being so cold and just not having the motivation I decided that if I vlog about that it would force me to get up and start again.

With this in mind on Saturday, I decided to start with walking, because the other day I worked out to a Youtube video and felt as if I was going to have a heart attack when I finished.   Word to the wise, when you decide to start and I hope you to today, start slowly.   I walked to two of my errands on Saturday,  When I checked my phone I had done 12,570 steps.  The recommended minimum is 10,000.   I felt really good (a little tired) but good.   The next day my shins hurt badly but it was good pain.  I will update you on my progress and hopefully you will join me as I walk, run, lift weights and maybe run a marathon.   Have a blessed day.